Aims and Deliverables

The aims and deliverables of the Vegan Studies Network are:

  1. Publications in academic journals and books
  2. Publications in non-academic journals, magazines, newspapers, and non-academic volumes, including online publications (websites, blogs)
  3. To ensure effective communication and a broad reach for the Network, some of the Network’s academic publications will have a non-academic counterpart: for every key specialised academic journal publication, an accessible blog/website/newspaper version will also be produced; academic events will either be publicised more broadly (when suitable), or include a panel or sessions aimed at the general public when possible.
  4. Academic events (conferences, workshops, seminar series)
  5. Non-academic events (school visits, public conferences, panels and presentations at public events, debates)
  6. Influencing decisions outside academia, e.g. public policies and business strategies
  7. Creation of the Network’s own channels
  8. New UG / PG modules and new teaching material in existing courses
  9. Ph.D. supervision
  10. Collaborative work to produce a white paper on veganism in the UK.
  11. Collaborative work across the European Research Area, to track the place of veganism’s growth in the UK within a broader set of international trends (as part of the White Paper research) as well as outside of Europe.