Mission Statement

Growth of Veganism

The growing, large-scale human use of other animals is detrimental to the well-being of non-human animals, the health of humans and the habitability of our ecosystem. It is thus one of the most serious problems of the contemporary world in its scope, extent, and systematicity. Because of this, recent years have also seen the growth of the phenomenon of veganism.  This is understood as the rejection of all forms of animal exploitation. These currently include food, scientific experiments, clothing, entertainment and labour, as well as less direct forms of harm e.g. that of wild animals through habitat destruction. The vegan studies network focuses on veganism thus understood.  It has the aim of clarifying four key dimensions of veganism: the motivations, possibilities, implications, and challenges of a world without animal exploitation.

Network of Academics

The vegan studies network gathers the best and most innovative academics working on topics related to veganism from a wide variety of subject areas. The aim is to cover all the main aspects of what veganism involves.  These vary from its political and sociological aspect to its philosophical underpinnings, from economics to environmental factors, and more, on both a local and a global scale. In this way, the network will enable the development of a holistic vision on the question of veganism.

Proposed Output

The proposed output of the network will include new research, policy material, (e.g. a collaborative work to produce a white paper), educational material, outreach, and public engagement events, to facilitate the diffusion of its findings in the public sphere, reaching out to citizens, private and public institutions, and policy-makers. By creating a platform for constructive and peaceful discussion and making information widely available, the network will also contribute to understanding and resolving emerging social tensions related to veganism and animal use. The intention is to be strong on quantification (to form an accurate, research-based, appraisal of veganism’s emerging reach and significance), and on concrete deliverables (in terms of viable policy responses to its emergence).